Full-time athlete, part-time nail artist & casual cheese eater · I run for Nike & The Netherlands · European 5000m Bronze medallist (2014) · 2x Olympic finalist · Top-8 in the World (2013, 2015, 2016) · Can ride a unicycle · I believe in coffee, naps & hard work!


Born in 1986 just 6 minutes ahead of my twin brother, life has always been a race. After taking a detour through gymnastics, tennis, skiing and even training in a circus I finally ended up at an athletics track. Soon I realised distance running was the only way to keep my lanky limbs in control and to channel that inner competitiveness, fuelled by battling my twin brother in every sport. Coached by Has van Cuijk of Seven Hills Running Team I further developed my running talent which resulted in 4 European Junior medals and a mailbox full of scholarship offers from the US. At 19 I moved to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University and 4 years later I walked away with 9 All-American honours, 2 NCAA titles, a Sociology degree and a Nike contact.


Life as a professional Nike athlete wasn’t always smooth sailing. In my first three years I struggled with injuries and I saw most my goals unfulfilled. Not willing to give up and still believing there was much more in the tank I decided to change direction. I changed to a new coach (Nic Bideau) and shifted my focus from 1500m to the longer events. This proved to be a great decision as I finished in 8th place in the 5000m at the 2013 & 2015 World Championships. In 2014 after a year full of challenges, my persistence was finally rewarded with some hardware: a Bronze medal at the European Championships. To top things off I ran an Olympic qualifier in my first 10000m race ever.


1x European Bronze Medallist · 2x Olympic finalist · 3x World Championship finalist


800m 2:02.24
1000m 2:38.01
1500m 4:05.38
2000m 5:38.37 NR
3000m 8:36.08
5000m 15:00.69
10000m 31:31.97
10K road 31:43
15K road 49:30


2008 NCAA 3000m Gold
2008 EC-23 XC Gold
2009 NCAA 1500m Gold
2013 WC 5000m 8th
2014 EC 5000m Bronze
2015 WC 5000m 8th
2015 WC 10000m 10th
2016 EC 5000m 4th
2016 OG 10000m 14th
2016 OG 5000m 8th


Qualified in both the 5000m & 10000m for the Olympics, this road will now take me through Papendal, South Africa, Australia, California and Switzerland all the way to Rio. Sometimes you have to take a detour to get to exactly where you want to be, but I’m not willing to accept anything less. I am ready to put in the work, run the miles, push my body to the limits necessary to reach that next level. Luckily I’m not traveling this road by myself. I’m grateful for my coach, medical support, sponsors and my biggest support every single day, my fiancé Andrew.

Follow my journey or enquire how to be part of it.

Foto door: Casper Rila


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